High-Performance Underwater Pillow Bag

UWPB - Underwater Pillow Bag


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TTZ UWPB manufactured from a specially formulated MS4000 polyester fabric and constructed using state of the air electronic welding technology 



UWPB models have lift capability of 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000 & 6000lbs. All models have a multi strop configuration with a 5,000lbs 

Full Range UWPB


UWPB250     250 lbs  

UWPB500     500 lbs 

UWPB1000  1,000 lbs 

UWPB2000 2,000 lbs

UWPB4000 4,000 lbs     

UWPB6000 6,000 lbs 

Recovery & Salvage


When you need to flow or salvage an object in the water, use UWPB for shallow water lifting in any position upright or flat, outside or inside of objects for boulders, moorings, cables, pipe lines, vehicle recovery and vessel salvage.  





Each and every bag comes equipped with over pressure valves, inflation and deflation port. Our quality shallow water bags can also be used as jacks in dock and pier construction.   

Please contact your experienced sales personal for any question of our underwater bag models